5 Tips for Hosting Your Bar Birthday

Bar birthdays are among the best birthday parties to experience! They are unique and allow you to enjoy your time with friends and family in a fun and outgoing way. You do not have to worry about drinks running out as there will be a constant supply. Read the tips below to learn how to host your bar birthday.

Enjoy The Space


Ensure the bar you want to host your party in is big enough for all your guests. Begin by picking the date and time that will be convenient for most of the people you will host. The best times are usually during the evenings or on the weekend.

Invite Your Guests

Once you have secured the venue, invite your close family and friends for the bar birthday party. You may even communicate a theme to them so that everything can be picture-perfect. Early invitations give those you have invited enough time to plan their schedules and create time for your party.

Make a List of the Drinks and Food You Want


Bar birthdays are fun as they have a variety of drinks available for all preferences. Do your research on fun birthday drink recipes or just stick to your favorite ones when ordering. Easy appetizers and finger foods are often the best for parties as guests move around and interact. Since your party will have many people, ask the bartenders if they can make mocktails for those that do not drink to still have a fun experience.

Remember the birthday cake! You can ask the bar hosting you whether they offer cake or if you can bring your own from outside.

Decor and Ambience


Bring some small party favors or table decor to set the scene. If you chose a birthday theme, then these accessories may bring that to life even more. Enjoy the music at your bar and be sure to dance your heart out.

Enjoy Your Birthday Party


Enjoying your party allows your guests to enjoy it even more. Try not to worry and enjoy your time! Have fun and get entertained on your special day. It is your birthday party, and your guests want you to have a good time with them. 

For more about hosting your bar birthday, call Wiss Bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at (267) 981-8292.

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