Bar Etiquette: How to Order Like a Pro

Etiquette refers to a set of rules or customs that dictate what is appropriate behavior in a particular social group or situation. Bar etiquette refers to how you should behave in a bar. While spending time at a bar is a great way to let loose and have fun, it is also important to respect the space, workers, and people around you. 


Here are our top tips for ordering like a pro on your next night out and avoiding any social blunders. 




Say please and thank you

It may seem obvious but the number of people who fail to use basic manners when ordering a drink is shocking. Manners cost nothing and make a big difference to the people you are interacting with. 


Order all of your drinks at once

It doesn’t matter whether you want to order one drink or a dozen, ordering them all at once will stop your bartender from going back and forth. 


Try and ensure that one person pays for the whole round

There is nothing more complicated and time-consuming than trying to split the bill at the bar. If people want to pay for their own drinks, it would be better for them to make their own orders.


Try and order shots that are all the same

If you are having shots, try and make sure that you all want the same one. The time it takes to make six different shots is pretty much the time it takes to serve six different people. Try and order the same shots in one round, or a maximum of two varieties.  


Have your money ready

Bartenders don’t mind how you pay, but the quicker you do, the quicker they can move on to the next person waiting to be served. 




Stand at the bar after you’ve got your drink

It might not be a problem if the bar is quiet, but when there are plenty of people waiting, you could get in the way and make the bartender’s job harder for them. 


Assume soft drinks are free

While some bars will offer complimentary soft drinks to designated drivers, it’s not an entitlement. Check with them when you order. 


Order if you aren’t the one paying

It’s just confusing and could cause issues if you order something that the one paying hasn’t agreed to cough up for. 


Cut in line for water

Water may be free and easier for a bartender to sort than a beer or a cocktail, but this doesn’t mean you get to cut the line. Wait your turn.


Leave your drink on the bar unattended

It’s common sense. Not only could someone easily spike your drink if you aren’t paying attention to it, but servers could easily assume it’s been abandoned and pour it away. 


Complain about prices to the bartender

They don’t set the prices, the management does. If you have an issue with what they charge, visit a different bar or take it up with those who are in charge. 


Ask to store your coat, bag or anything else behind the bar

There’s no space, your stuff will probably get dirty, and the staff can’t keep an eye on your valuables or be responsible if anything happens to them. Keep them on you or check them into the cloakroom. 


Talk on your cellphone while ordering

It can be rude and will bump you down the priority line in getting served next time. 


Get offended if you get asked for ID

The law is in place for a reason and your bartender is just doing their job asking you to prove your age. If they serve someone underage they could lose their job, and the bar could lose their liquor license too. Take it as a compliment that you look younger than you really are!


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