The Best Beers to Try This Summer

Chilling out on the patio with a cold beer in the summer alone or catching up with friends is a great way to pass the time. While the presence of a good company is critical, the next great thing is a beer to match that up.

Summer beers are often quite simple, but your pilsner is one of many options for the season. Regular beers are a good drink, but for your summer afternoon chill, you need something that complements the season. Additionally, the flavor of a summer beer should match up to any food you decide to accompany it, say during a barbecue.


Summer Pilsners

Regular pilsners are an excellent choice for any other season, but for summer, you need a light, hoppy lager that quenches your thirst when the sun is out. This type of pilsner is different because it is flavorful and light simultaneously, which takes a lot of work. Only some brands can achieve a pilsner fit for summer, and many critics will often laud a brewery that can manage this.



America's favorite beer style cannot be left off the list of the best beer styles to try out over the summer. While they are often identified as a little bitter and very rich, these beers can also be sweet.

Regular IPAs are not for the beginner, but sweeter versions of IPAs are great for a beginner and your summer chill-out session. Their burst of flavor will match up to any summer snacking or food in the backyard or at a restaurant of your choice.


Session IPAs

Hailing back to WWII England, this beer designed to be a worker's refreshment in the middle of the workday is now a prime choice for beer in the summer. Session IPAs have a low ABV and combine this with fruity, hoppy flavors reminiscent of Indian pale ales, making them ideal for summer.

The beer came out of the desire for a low-alcohol-content drink that would make the factory workers feel good without getting them drunk. Some session IPAs may reach an ABV of five, but many range between three and four.



Kolsch is a light and crisp-tasting beer with a balance of subtle happiness and mild sweetness. This beer was first brewed to stay fresh and not turn sour in Cologne, Germany, through a unique process. During its creation in the 17th century, the brewers combined various elements of lagers and ales to develop this timeless glass of freshness.


Gose and Wheat Beers

Many of these wheat beers hail from the German beer culture, which created various versions, including Gose beers. Often thick and fluffy, these beers are usually sour and very flavorful due to the coriander and salt in their recipe.

They typically have subtle hints of lemon that amplify the crisp and tart taste. The saltiness and sourness of the beer balance each other out, making it the perfect balance for those who would prefer to avoid the sweeter choices.



There must be a list of the best summer beers with the Saisons from Belgium. First created to last fresh through the winter and refresh farmhands during the summer, these beers have become quite a treat. They are seasonal beers that require vegetable harvests and local fruit for the yeast that can be derived from them.

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